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Making sense of MS

Making sense of MS

attitudeNo matter when you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or any other chronic illness, there are times you’re confronted with your own self just that little bit too much. And what you see, is not what you signed up for.

Leaving the standard, first impulse “Why me?” question and the “It’s not fair, either!” shouting aside, you suddenly can’t recall answers on things you were so sure of before MS…

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Positive MS News: July 2014

Positive MS News: July 2014

A lot of news on the research front in July, which can only be good. It’s a joy, relief as well as hope that one of those research projects or trials might lead to longer periods of remission, and perhaps a return to lesser disability for those with primary and secondary forms of multiple sclerosis. So let’s keep fingers, toes, eye lashes and anything else crossed that can be crossed. A lot of…

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Longlisted for 2nd year running!

Longlisted for 2nd year running!

aThanks70For the second year in a row, I’m blessed to find that my blog has been nominated and longlisted in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 competition.

I sincerely, and once again, want to thank you for following, commenting and supporting my blog.

Wherever you pick up your messages about new posts, via my shortcut ramblings on Twitter, drawn-out Facebook notifications or via email, I’m always happy to see…

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Disabled people aren’t broken

Disabled people aren’t broken


There’s a new movement slowly gathering pace in the world, one that I can only support.

On July 19th, Sierra Sandison was crowned Miss Idaho 2014. Not big news to some, but to those with disabilities, Sandison performed something short of a miracle during the pageant.

During the selection process(interview as well as the rest of the competition), Sierra wore her insulin pump. As she walked on…

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Wonder Woman Syndrome

pace-yourself2I’ve done it again. Minus the suit, mind you.

Rhetoric aside, picking my battles wisely is not something I do easily. Not only that, changing your lifestyle and striving for quality of life is not as easy as it sounds. It’s as much a mental, emotional and physical struggle to sustain quality of life. (more…)

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Kids? Not right now, please…

Kids? Not right now, please…

Children and multiple sclerosis? Although life was good in my last relationship, I secretly decided that having children would probably not be on my list of things to do. Not because of the lack of love, but because I didn’t want to pass on my illness to my future son or daughter. When we eventually talked about possibly mixing my illness with his screaming babies and hectic lifestyle, I realised…

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