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Brain atrophy

Here’s a question for you, please answer to the best of your knowledge:

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© Willeke Van Eeckhoutte and Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me, 2011-2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is…

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Help keep the writer caffeinated

Help keep the writer caffeinated

D67E67A2-A1D9-4ABE-9D93-2E56390189F0-24007-00000188775ACDFBAh ladies and lads, you know I can be a bit emotional at times; hell, I can even get a little annoyed as well when things don’t go my way. I therefore won’t do it on this page. At all.

Where others might ask for the price of a pint, I don’t drink alcohol, so I won’t fall down on my knees begging you.

I also won’t fall down on my knees asking you a donation of the price of a fag, as I don’t smoke.

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Big pharma’s friendship

Big pharma’s friendship

It’s not like it was ever meant to be. I lived an almost frugal life, not in a penny-pinching kind of way but willingly not accepting any chemical products in my system. No cigarettes, no alcohol, no mind-altering hard or soft drugs. You get the idea, straight edge, but without the punk attire. I lived a very healthy lifestyle, that much is true.

So what went wrong? How do you become the owner of…

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Shortlisted, and shortlisted again!


Shortlisted, and shortlisted again!


The writing gods have been very kind this week, and there’s a definite silver lining feeling attached to it.

Not only has the MS Ireland group blog, who I also write for, been shortlisted in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 competition, but I’m shortlisted in the two categories I was nominated in with my own blog.

Everyone in the MSI group is ecstatic, and it just makes you want to do more, write…

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Healthy tiredness ≠ unhealthy fatigue

Healthy tiredness ≠ unhealthy fatigue

Sunday 9.13am. While others are slowly waking up, I can barely keep my eyes open. In fact, I am sliding deeper and deeper under my duvet, with my laptop now at an awkward angle to type. Being wide awake since 1.30am – thank you so very, very much MS – has depleted my energy tank.

“So what?” I hear people say. “It’s Sunday after all.”

Yes, I do know how to read…

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